Edori Fertig

Artist & Maker


Memory and narrative are key themes in my art. Through exploring personal stories through artefacts, I hope to present an alternative and more diverse interpretation of history. I am an artist who pays tribute to lost histories by combining print, painting and carving in assemblages and mixed media wall pieces. I purposefully use found and discarded objects such as old photographs, wallpapers, and textiles both mundane and those charged with significance, to create a story or feeling.

The germination of these ideas started from a more personal angle. While clearing out my family home in New York upon the death of my second parent, I was faced with the task of deciding what things should be sold and what should remain. I was put in the position of family historian, "the guardian of memory, selecting and preserving the family archive." (Patricia Holland, Family Snaps)

The process of shipping objects from New York, my origin of birth, to Europe, where my grandparents fled, seemed a strange irony. An additional irony lied in the fact that the seemingly insignificant things; a single glove, or an apron, held more importance for me than some of the family's treasured possessions which I sold. When the objects arrived in London, additional meaning and power lie in the fact that they, like their owners, were out of context in a new land.

I am a co-founder of a group of artists/designers under the collective name Skip Sisters, referring to the fact that all of our work is created from materials of humble origin.


Please feel free to email me, either about my artwork or the Skip Sisters, I'll be happy to help.

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